Putting Smiles on Their Faces

Here at Homa Bay Children’s Home, we believe that every kid deserves a chance. They are the hope of our country. With the help of awesome partners like you, we’ve been able to provide the basic commodities for them. Together, let’s be part of their story. 

We Believe in Education as a Liberating Power

Our kids are at different levels of their studies, from pre-unit all the way through college.

They are the Future of Our country

Our kids have stood up in charitable events and campaigns that aid in national cohesiveness. These include Peace campaigns, the Tribeless etc.

Who We Are


Homabay orphans children home/project was started due occurrence of a natural calamity when lightning struck and killed a mother who has just converted into Christianity leaving behind a one-week-old infant, the missionaries, not knowing what to do with the infant (Esther Juma), took the infant into their home.  This prompted the registration of the Home in the year 1969.  Read Our Entire Story

I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway… let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves.


Stories of Some of Our Beneficiaries

Edison Atito

Edison came from a very poor background. His father was the main breadwinner for the family and when he died, the mother could barely provide for the family. Meeting the requirements for child sponsorship, Edison was taken into the child sponsorship program in the year 2001 when he was in class five

The project took him to school and educated him in primary, secondary and college. After finishing his secondary education, he enrolled in a college where he trained as a primary school teacher. After his training, he taught in the project academy for three years before he was taken in by the government. He is urgently a deputy head teacher and is going on well with his life

Winnie Awour

Winnie’s mother died just a few days after she was born back in 1992 due to complications related to delivery. As such, Winnie was taken into the orphanage as when she was just a few days old. She was part of the project for 20 years, leaving in 2012 after completing her secondary schooling. Through the project, she was able to get all the school support she needed. She received care form the baby home, was raised in the orphanage and was educated through primary and secondary schooling.

Winnie is currently a third year student at Kenyatta University doing a degree course, Bachelor of commerce specializing in finance. She only has fond memories of the project. 

Benjamin Oluga

Benjamin was a total orphan when he was enrolled in the child sponsorship programme back in 1999. At that time he was in class three. The project facilitated him through his primary and secondary education. He sat for his end of secondary exams in the year 2007 and passed with a grade of B plus. He joined university where he trained a secondary school teacher with the support of the project

During his school days, the project would provide him with school learning materials such as books and pens. He was also provided with uniform and the project paid for his tuition fees. All these ensured that he stayed in school and concentrated in his studies and this he was able to do well in the exams and pass.Today, he is employed.

Kenneth Ouma

 Kenneth is a brother to Eric Odhiambo. When Eric decided to not to proceed with his studies, the project took his brother, Kenneth into the child sponsorship programme.  Born in 1988, Kenneth was enrolled in the programme back in the year 2004.

In 2010, he did his end of primary education and then proceeded to secondary school where he attained grade C plus. He later joined Teacher Training College and trained as a primary school teacher graduating in the year 2016.This was possible through the project and also from the support of his brother Eric who had benefited from the program as well.  Through his brother who had alsobenefited  from the program.


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