About Us

Project Background

Homa Bay orphans children home/project was started due occurrence of a natural calamity when lightning struck and killed a mother who has just converted into Christianity leaving behind one-week old infant, the missionaries, not knowing what to do with the infant...

Contact and Bank Details

Homabay children’s Home Program           

P.o. Box 77 Homabay, 40300.           


E-mail address: homabaychildrenshomeprogram@gmail.com

Bank Details:

Bank name: Barclays Bank of Kenya.

Account No. 0082204377.

BIC( SWIFT code):BARCKENX 03 008 2204377

Bank Address, Street: 99 KISII

Bank Address, Town: KISII TOWN

Bank Address Country: 99 KISII KENYA

Contact Person

Mr. Maurice O. Malelah,

The project Manager.

E- mail: oketchmaurice44@gmail.com

Phone: +254712562338

Mr.Francis A. Nguka,

Finance officer.

E-mail: francisnguka@yahoo.com

Phone: +254726300928.

Mr. Jared O. Amadi

Social Officer.

Email: amadijared@gmail.com.

Phone: +254721613220