Farm Unit

The  farm is potentially  located in a 10 acres land along the lake victoria shores 7 kilometers away from the project Centre. The broader goal of accruing the land was to reduce poverty and sustain growth among the project beneficiaries. The project aim is to bring women and youths together to reduce poverty by starting self -help groups and activities that would bring income to the challenged families besides growing farm products to support the orphanage and the academy school.

The project has achieved this by protecting local ecosystem through working with the community and self-help groups formed by the guardians of the orphans being supported by the project. The project has been supporting environmental friendly livelihoods like tree planting, tree nurseries and vegetables growing to ensure enough/food security feeding to reduce dependency on the project. Through this, more than 1000 people’s lives have been touched by this project.

Farm needs

Since the farm has a very big potential and vital land, there need to get more funds to properly fence it to ensure that it is fully utilized and developed. There is still room to plant more trees to help address environmental sustainability. The farm can also be used as a demo farm for learning pupils and farmers. It can also help to increase food security by doing agricultural activities to the beneficiaries and surrounding communities.