Poultry Unit


The poultry unit was initiated in 1991 within the orphanage compound as an income generating activity with a total of 500 chicks. The main objective was to provide a healthy protein food to orphaned children who were being cared for in the institution alongside selling eggs and other poultry products to the neighboring community in the town and sub-urban. The overriding motive for starting the poultry was to make a profit to help educate and support the orphaned children. Since that time to 2015 the unit provided incomes which supported the orphan’s work greatly.

In 2016, there were market challenges resulting from eggs importation from the neighboring countries which led to flooding and price fluctuation hence affecting the sales. This prompted a new business research and due to the growing and expanding of Homabay town and its environs, the project decided to swift and venture in local poultry breeds to provide meat to the ever swelling population. The main focus is on how the project can raise funds to help support the children who are still in need even after the orphans supporting project came to its completion in December 2017. Currently the project has ventured to a new approach of local breeds to help address the market competition and maintain the focus of generating funds to support the vulnerable children.

Poultry Needs

The unit has got poultry structures that need to be renovated and expanded to accommodate over 5000 birds besides providing feeders, drinkers, vaccines, feeds and purchasing of the birds. When this is done, then together with other income generating activities, the project will be at a position to create sustainability for supporting the vulnerable children.